Led by Performance Scientist and Master Coach, Dr. Roddy Carter MD. After his origins as a much-loved family physician, Roddy specialized in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, preparing elite international athletes for Olympic competition. He went on to become a senior executive in several multi-billion dollar biotech companies, improving the health of millions of patients around the globe. Today, Roddy empowers individuals, leaders, coaches, and organizations to unleash their fullest potential. Through personal insight and hard work, he activates the beliefs, attitudes, and actions that tap into the full power of the incredible human brain. In 2016, the San Diego Business Journal honored him with an Award of Distinction for “unlocking the treasure chests of the natural and social sciences toe UNSTOPPABLE Olympic medalists, business leaders, and well-known artists that have all benefitted from his coaching.




JUNE 11, 2019




  Unlock the extraordinary in you and powerfully lead your company with neuroscience-backed strategies.  Neuroscience-Powered Success

     In this 1-day workshop, Dr. Roddy Carter provides 7 hours of intense education and coaching on the neuroscience of success to a small group of ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs. 

  • Get more work done, for longer.
  • Easily overcome the many potentially-crushing barriers every startup faces.
  • Authentically inspire customers, investors, partners and employees to champion the mission.
  • Command energy to not only win at work, but to also enjoy a rich personal life.

Entrepreneurs without Confidence, Persistence and Resilience inevitably fail!

  • 4 out of 5 start-ups fail within 18 months
  • 50% of the survivors fail within the next 3.5 years

Luckily, rapid advances in neuroscience have provided performance scientists a new window into the human brain and psyche. Combined with emerging insights into personal energy management, the well-trained, modern entrepreneur now has a clear path forward.

JUNE 13, 2019



Prescription for Personal Triumph
(1 Day Workshop for Courageous Growth-seekers)

Are you looking to unlock the BEST POSSIBLE YOU?


Roddy Carter, MD is an expert in peak performance. He brings his knowledge and insight from a distinguished career as a physician and scientist to help others achieve health, happiness, and prosperity.

Roddy specializes in exercise science and sports medicine. He has guided Olympic athletes to realize their physical, mental, and emotional potential, and has led internationally recognized research programs in cardiovascular health.

A natural educator, Roddy explains complex biology in simple metaphors, helping his clients to pursue a lifestyle that honors their natural design. He combines incisive intellect with his healing touch and a warm, conversational tone to bring inspiration, insight, and guidance to WHealth Seekers across the globe.


June 11, 2019

UNSTOPPABLE YOU Neuroscience-Powered Success

8:30am - 5:00pm

Gillioz Theatre Park Central E, Springfield, MO 65806

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June 11, 2019

UNSTOPPABLE YOU Neuroscience-Powered Success

For Audacious Entrepreneurs and Bold Business Leaders 

8:30am - 5:00pm

Gillioz Theatre Park Central E, Springfield, MO 65806

June 13, 2019

UNSTOPPABLE YOU Neuroscience-Powered Success

8:30am - 5:00pm

Gillioz Theatre Park Central E, Springfield, MO 65806

+ Event Details

June 13, 2019

UNSTOPPABLE YOU Neuroscience-Powered Success

8:30am - 5:00pm

Gillioz Theatre Park Central E, Springfield, MO 65806

Gain Traction in Life & Business



As a Professional EOS Implementer, I teach, facilitate and coach business owners, leaders, teams, and managers to get what you want from your business.  

Professional Implementers are graduates of an extensive training program in the methods of EOS® with continued education requirements.


EOS® delivers Six Key Components™ to create a clear vision, gain traction and optimize the health within your business.  

 Looking for a speaker for your next event? I deliver engaging and actionable workshop style events to help you gain Traction in your life and business!  

What is EOS® all about?

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One of the best strategies to get what you want in life is to work with a coach. I help busy people like you create, meet, and exceed personal and professional goals.  As a coach, I help bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be with simple tools that give you the Dynamic life you've been waiting for.  I customize coaching for goal driven individuals seeking work-life balance, vision, clarity, focus, purpose, and confident decision making with accountability.  

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Speaking is an important extension of my work.  I take requests to present at events to motivate others to make purposeful and positive impact.

My style is warm, empathetic, challenging, focused and fun. I customize relevant and engaging topics to meet the needs and interests of the audience.  

I’ve spoken to audiences of entrepreneurs, leadership teams, teen athletes, mastermind groups, women’s groups, and non-profit organizations.

Looking for a speaker for your next event? I deliver an EOS based engaging and actionable content to help you gain Traction in your life and business! 


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ARE YOU EXPERIENCING THESE 6 FRUSTRATIONS? If so, you are not alone. 95% of other Business Owners

PEOPLE ISSUES Are you getting enough out of your people and are they working as a team?     

LACK OF CONTROL Do you own your business or is your business owning you?         

NO GROWTH Have you hit a ceiling & wondering how to break through?       

LOSS OF DIRECTION Is your team focused on the company's vision and how you will get there?       

NOTHING IS WORKING No matter how or what you try, nothing seems to get you traction?  

NOT ENOUGH PROFIT Are you getting the rewards for the time and effort invested in the business?     

Learn how to:   Get your team 100% on the same page driving towards a shared vision  Get the most from all your people by placing them in the right seats   Objectively track activities to assure desired results   Develop your team to quickly resolve all issues and keep you moving forward   Minimize errors and create consistency around everything you do   Develop a disciplined, accountable team that executes well to achieve your vision.

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Click here to take the Organizational Check-Up

Without a clear picture of your organizational strength, you'll never achieve traction.

The Organizational Checkup will answer these questions: 

What are our strengths? 

What are our weaknesses? 

Which area is the biggest problem?

What should we solve first? 

How should we solve it?

My mission & Vision

My mission is to help entrepreneurs and visionaries achieve their vision, creating ripples of positive change.   My vision is where the vast majority of people in organizations return home for the day feeling fulfilled by the work they do, able to be present with their family and inspired to return to a job where they have a positive impact on the world.


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