I’ve always been intrigued with people and why they do what they do!  My early awareness of the mind-body connection inspired my studies in psychology, kinesiology, energy, and communication disorders.  I found myself helping others overcome personal challenges which eventually led to a fulfilling career of becoming a professional and certified Life & Business coach.  

Through coaching, I witnessed the false dichotomy of “work vs life” which often creates issues in trying to fix one piece of the problem. My clients invariably seek integration of their whole selves and their whole life, which includes business! 

As a coach, I draw from my life coach training in The Fulfillment Coaching Model™ and business coach training of the EOS Model™.  On my personal journey struggling to connect life and business, I was led to become a student and client of a Master Coach and Performance Scientist who draws from neuroscientific methodology.  This career- and life-changing experience has taken my life and business practice to the next level to deliver more consistent, and enduring breakthroughs for my clients using all three techniques.  

I feel blessed every day doing the work I love with people I enjoy spending time with.  I like to keep it real and believe it's a necessity to have fun along the way.  As a coach, I provide a nurturing safe space, but will call out the elephant in the room and ask thought provoking questions.  Coaching with me is a conversation, the aim of which is to get to the truth.  From there we’ll design a plan to guide you to achieve your personal and/or professional goals.  It’s a beautiful, challenging, enlightening, and fun process during which you will laugh, you might cry, you’ll think deeply, and you’ll grow more fully into your best self or team.

Personally, I love spending time in the great outdoors exploring the land, lake, and sea.  While currently residing in the mid-west, I have a heart for the west coast where fond childhood memories were created.  My husband and I have the extraordinary privilege to love and lead our five fantastic children.  I enjoy connecting with friends, networking, reading, exercise, travel, writing, adventuring, laughing, and learning.  

As a life long learner, I continually invest in world class training and coaches to sharpen my skills. I’m a graduate of the Coach For Life Program, Mindfulness School, have a background in psychology, kinesiology, education, and hold a degree in Communication Disorders from Harding University.  In addition, I am a Professional Implementer of EOSⓇ (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and chair member of the Missouri Business Alliance.  

“Deep, true and lasting transformation does not come from changing someone to who they are not, but rather to turning or reconnecting them to who they always have been” ~ Peter Reding